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Festive holiday office party in #Windows


Seed Bank:

Owners Erin and Bob are here to show you how to start cannabis cultivation at home.  They host an array of events that range from growing and testing to meditation and art.

South Minneapolis


Kinesiology & Chiropractic:
Dr. Michael Kaplan

Kaplan Health and Wellness has been instrumental in my support in recovering from an ulcer, treating underlying infections, and so much more.  

South Minneapolis


Woman & Queer Owned Dispensary:
Healing Harvest

This small town dispensary hosts a variety of cannabis tools, seeds and products. Accessible to customers of all ages, check them out on your next day trip to Southern MN or Wisconsin

St. Peter, MN

Healing Harvest bio.jpg

Plant Medicine:
House of Oilworx

Owner Jamie has been bringing plant medicine to us since 2018.  Jamie's approach to plant medicine comes from her background in Social Work and personal healing experiences. 

Anoka, MN


Vol Electroacupuncture:
Steven Fjerstad II, C.N.H.P.

Back to Nature Health and Wellness offers complete naturopathic and homeopathic services as well as vol electroacupuncture and more.  Family owned and operated for 2 generations.

Litchfield, MN 


Online Store & SEO:
Higher State Marketing


Woman owned Higher State Marketing navigates the ins and outs of online cannabis marketing and creates strategies that won’t put your brand at risk of getting censored.

Online and NE Minneapolis

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