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Our Meditation and Yoga classes are designed to help you start small and build up your practice. With guidance and support from our experienced instructors, you’ll learn techniques to quiet your mind and focus your energy. Incorporating meditation and yoga into your routine can lead to reduced stress, increased mindfulness, and a more positive outlook on life!

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420 Yoga Reviews:

Very welcoming and respectful of self space. had a very relaxing feel from start to finish (even for beginners, I was a first timer). The story told was very relatable helping my body to relax and let go of negative energy. Highly recommend.

Love Diane so much! She always keep the class challenging and also so relaxing at the same time. I love this yoga studio and I’m excited to take more classes.

I was finally able to access a level of deep relaxation that I have found elusive in other yoga classes.  I was able to relax my shoulders and stretch my hips instead of catastrophizing my to-do list the entire time.

420 Yoga Reviews:

This class is so relaxing and a good level of challenge for myself (who is pretty beginner when it comes to yoga.) Diane is great story teller and the space is so nice and the goodies from her shop are amazing as well! Excited to take more classes at this studio!

Wake & Bake Yoga Reviews:

Very welcoming space and a great, stretchy class that really got me into my body.

I can’t tell you how amazing this class is!

A must try to truly deepen your mind body connection.

Wake & Bake Yoga Reviews:

 The class was amazing. Diane is extremely friendly and welcoming. The focal point of the class was Svadisthana (sacral chakra) and the poses incorporated were related to loosening the hips and releasing emotion. At the end for final Savasana she utilized a singing bowl to guide everyone into it and gave out essential oil related to the sacral chakra which smelled amazing. Really great practice!

I’m OBSESSED with this yoga and the instructor. I have never liked yoga. This is coming from someone who has worked in the heath & fitness industry for 13 years. Cannot say enough! I’m now obsessed. TRY THIS CLASS!

Unleash Your Inner Zen with ThNeon Lotus Private Events!

Craving a unique and unforgettable experience for your next celebration? Look no further than The Neon Lotus, your gateway to transformative private events bathed in the glow of good vibes and flowing energy. Whether you're seeking a mindful birthday bash, a zen-tastic shower, or a team-building adventure like no other, we've got you covered.

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My Path and My Work

As a certified Yoga Instructor, Corporate Educator and Hemp Professional, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. 

Diane Afrooz has been a player in the MN cannabis since 2019 and a medical cannabis card holder since 2011.  She began as an outdoor grower of hemp with her husband, and they evolved to become processors and manufacturers of CBD and hemp based THC products like Kite Soda.  Diane loves to share the health and wellness side of cannabis use with others.  As an ERYT-200 with Trauma Informed certifications and YACEP endorsements, Diane introduces you to cannabis' history in Hinduism, Shamanism, and herbal medicine.

  • 200 hr RYT - CPY

  • 100 hr Yoga Sculpt TT - CPY

  • Certified Barre Instructor - Synergence

  • 50 hr Trauma Informed - Prison Yoga Project

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